Saturday, April 30, 2016

Solo Performance #5: La Tierra


This was a socio-political commentary inspired by current campus events. This performance was rooted in history and in present day. The audio was of a 1972 speech given by Cesar Chavez at UCLA. His Latino/a labor movement was non-violent and considered to be very effective. 

This performance was a salute to his movement as well as a peaceful avenue to address current events. My primary intention was to spread a message of hope to people of color (not just Latina/os). The proverb: they tried to bury us but they didn't know we were seeds was a preface to this idea.

Burial process:

Very scary. But manageable. It began with the urge to laugh and smile out of discomfort which then escalated to anxiety and fear as the dirt fell on my face.

Future Adjustments:

I need to rethink how I want to integrate the Chavez speech and my own voice. I also want to look at timing and  placement (such as at what point I enter the stage and initiate the burial).

Video to come...

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Bill Viola: Fire Woman

One of his most acclaimed works.

Solo: Performance #4

Score: Food Lottery 


This piece was based off real stories that somehow correlated to the selected foods that were picked by the audience members. I had such a fun time. I enjoy talking about myself at times, especially when they are random stories that involve other people. I appreciated the randomness of the draw. I had no control over what story I was telling next. I actually felt relieved that the decision was made for me. Mostly because I'm so indecisive. I definitely had the fear that I would not be entertaining enough at this would miss the mark. I was also concerned that this would be too much of a comedy central routine.

Other than that I had a fun and organic experience with this performance!

Performance 3 (part 2): Lights & My Typical Confusion

Also, the video is vertical. I apologize. I'm that person.


Viviana enters scene. She tries to figure out lights. Some are wrapped around her body. She connects them to a string of lights that are not wrapped around her body. 

She gets confused as she searches for a lost object: the eye cover. She eventually finds the eye cover and puts it over her eyes. She then unbinds herself with ease.

She tries to figure out how to turn all the lights off. She traces her hand to the cord and unplugs the lights.

There are periodically outages where the screen goes completely dark.


I wanted to focus on the process of getting the lights on and setting up. I did a horrible job of binding myself so there was not a lot of intensity in the unbinding portion. I got very confused about the process. A lot of times I am trying to figure things out and work out things. This was experimental; a candid look at how I operate when I try to figure things out. 

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Solo: Performance #3

Score: Performance #3

I had an assistant wrap electrical cord around me with my eyes already covered and by hands already bound. After the audience arrived I unbound my hands and turned to face them.At that point I unbound myself from the cords while blindfolded. Another limitation I set was the taped square on the floor that I could not step out of until completion.

Working through inconveniences while having limitations or other obstacles in the way. That has been a trend for me lately. There always seems to be a process and a few hundred hoops to jump through to make progress in life. I have learned to respect this process and the inconveniences that come with it. This piece was based on personal experiences. 

Things that can be adjusted:

I think the material that gets wrapped around me could be more carefully thought out. Because that item automatically will immediately become associated with my piece.

Create more of an intricate bind for a greater struggle when trying to get out of the wrapping.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Alec & Viviana: Performance #2

The Score: Performance #2

Alec mentioned that he had this cd that featured farm machinery sounds. We were really interested in this. He is particular interested in wood work. He happened to have his tools on him and some branches in his bag. Much of this piece was inspired by Alec's earthy interests. 

We wanted to contrast between the mechanical nature of the farm machinery and the organic instruments we were using to create sound. 

For me this was so experimental. Especially when using the tools. I had no idea what any of them were meant for. Each one had different textures and shapes. I had fun trying out each tool on the wood. Each tool did something slightly different. I got really into it and definitely broke a sweat. I felt in focus given that I was one of the primary sound makers in the room. I felt very into my work and was simultaneously listening to Alec as a guide for my pacing. This was very experimental for me. I really appreciated the earthiness and rawness of the piece.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Alec & Viviana: Performance Piece #1

The Score: Alec does Viviana's make up 

This was rehearsed about three times for time keeping purposes. This idea began with Alec simply doing my make up. Then he mentioned the sound that a tea kettle makes. I had one with a timer on it. This became an object for background noise, symbolic of morning ritual, and as a time keeping device.

 Alec went for a "colorful and sharp" make up look with the cosmetics. He had no make up experience prior to this.   

The purpose of this performance was to go over the morning ritual in a glamorized and person-centric way. I was the focus in this regard. The lighting was pointed in my direction and all action was centered around my presence. 

The most difficult thing for me was keeping such a stoic face. It took a great amount of effort for me not to laugh. Holding a neutral expression was key or the meaning of the performance would have changed. 

Alec wore a button up shirt which had a cleaner more professional look to it. I went for a black and white old glamour look. 

Friday, April 15, 2016

Alec & Viviana: audio collaboration and things we admire

Alec & I 
Admiration and Collaboration 

We admire J.LO.

her booty work, fierce style, she is an artist

We love Madonna

her MTV Awards 1990 Vogue performance was a work of art for a millennium to come.

Alec & I made a recording of us reading 

"The 45 Funniest Autocorrect Fails Of 2014"

 The hardest part was not 
laughing through it all. 

Before this recording we listened to the works of female  powerhouses J.Lo and Madonna.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Video: Lines and Continuous Things...

This is an experiment with video making with minimalistic expression. I focused on two objects: one linear and one organic. They are filmed in a continuous motion as if they could go on forever... . 

There is no audio as shape and movement are central to the viewing experience. The video is not touched by video editing aside from basic cropping and audio removal. The emphasis was put on the video production at the actual filming stage.  

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

5 Reasons J.LO is top notch

5 Reasons J.Lo is top notch:

1. She can go through multiple outfit changes within one performance.
Some of them are live on stage. 

2. She has a residency in Las Vegas, is the star of a new action show, has two children, is currently producing new music, and is a spokes model for L'Oreal Paris.

3. She taught Kerry Washington along with other celebrities how to dance.

4. Memorized her lines for a script in 8 minutes right before show time.

5. Cries openly on American Idol... has no shame.