Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Alec & Viviana: Performance #2

The Score: Performance #2

Alec mentioned that he had this cd that featured farm machinery sounds. We were really interested in this. He is particular interested in wood work. He happened to have his tools on him and some branches in his bag. Much of this piece was inspired by Alec's earthy interests. 

We wanted to contrast between the mechanical nature of the farm machinery and the organic instruments we were using to create sound. 

For me this was so experimental. Especially when using the tools. I had no idea what any of them were meant for. Each one had different textures and shapes. I had fun trying out each tool on the wood. Each tool did something slightly different. I got really into it and definitely broke a sweat. I felt in focus given that I was one of the primary sound makers in the room. I felt very into my work and was simultaneously listening to Alec as a guide for my pacing. This was very experimental for me. I really appreciated the earthiness and rawness of the piece.


  1. What I enjoyed about the work was the lighting and how Alec circled you. This for me, reminded me of TIME and how quickly it goes by.... Think about what your intention for the work is. What do you want your audience to think about, to reference? What if you used those tools very specifically for objects the tools are not meant for? I also liked the dust being flying from the object.... Maybe only one object? So we could watch you laboring over it over time? I was not sure why all of the pieces of wood were there. Why sitting? I appreciated your focus and intensity to your work.

  2. I loved this piece. I loved the different beats and tempos and sounds that was made with each tool. I appreciate that Viviana didn't know how to use the tools and therefor aloud her more artist expression with how to make the sounds. The shadow's were awesome, the lighting matched with the natural primitive aspects of this piece.
    I loved the different array of tools. Viviana sitting in the center and Alec circling around her created a more animistic and primitive environment. I got the sense of like a small woodland creature stalking his prey.
    Different movements, different moments made up a complete unit of thought. Very stoic face throughout created a ritualistic a spiritual thing which played with the full body movements. The natural lighting and the neutral natural colors not wearing shoes added to the sense of whimsy. Loved this piece, excited to see more.

  3. I really thought this piece was fun. I liked how Vivianna was using tools that she was not familiar with and that she was using them in such an unconventional way. I wish that the stage for you two would have been opened up more, so Alec had a wider array of things to bang on as he circled the room. I even thought this piece would be fun outside somewhere, maybe have you both dressed down to very minimalist clothes, no shoes, hair down and do what you did, just in a more natural setting. Maybe have more sticks or branches! I loved the different noises too throughout this piece. It was interesting to hear how each different tool sounded against the wood, and the various noises Alec made while he was banging things around. I really liked your piece though! Good work! :)

  4. I like all your detailed score drawings! The wood piece was interesting, I wish I could watch it again. I think it's one of those things that has to be seen a few different times to really sink in, like Einstein on the Beach (1975 opera).

  5. The wood piece also reminds me of the John Cage quote we heard recently which said to do something boring and keep doing it and after a while you start to get interested in it and notice all the nuances.