Sunday, April 24, 2016

Solo: Performance #3

Score: Performance #3

I had an assistant wrap electrical cord around me with my eyes already covered and by hands already bound. After the audience arrived I unbound my hands and turned to face them.At that point I unbound myself from the cords while blindfolded. Another limitation I set was the taped square on the floor that I could not step out of until completion.

Working through inconveniences while having limitations or other obstacles in the way. That has been a trend for me lately. There always seems to be a process and a few hundred hoops to jump through to make progress in life. I have learned to respect this process and the inconveniences that come with it. This piece was based on personal experiences. 

Things that can be adjusted:

I think the material that gets wrapped around me could be more carefully thought out. Because that item automatically will immediately become associated with my piece.

Create more of an intricate bind for a greater struggle when trying to get out of the wrapping.


  1. I really really loved watching this piece and what you said about this piece. What really striked me was that you wanted to test your touching ability. That you were pretty much putting yourself up to this test and trying out your abilities to achieve the freedom of the chords. I think you could tie in a lot of meaning to this piece, start thinking about the material and the process to give purpose to the performance. I would love to see you perform this again. Also I really liked the space you chose for this piece, It really made me feel connected to your performance with the tight corridors. It was awesome. Great great great piece.