Thursday, April 28, 2016

Performance 3 (part 2): Lights & My Typical Confusion

Also, the video is vertical. I apologize. I'm that person.


Viviana enters scene. She tries to figure out lights. Some are wrapped around her body. She connects them to a string of lights that are not wrapped around her body. 

She gets confused as she searches for a lost object: the eye cover. She eventually finds the eye cover and puts it over her eyes. She then unbinds herself with ease.

She tries to figure out how to turn all the lights off. She traces her hand to the cord and unplugs the lights.

There are periodically outages where the screen goes completely dark.


I wanted to focus on the process of getting the lights on and setting up. I did a horrible job of binding myself so there was not a lot of intensity in the unbinding portion. I got very confused about the process. A lot of times I am trying to figure things out and work out things. This was experimental; a candid look at how I operate when I try to figure things out. 

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  1. Viviana. Well performance art is a process and experimentation is how to work! You have seen Atsuko Tanaka's Electric Dress from 1956?