Monday, April 18, 2016

Alec & Viviana: Performance Piece #1

The Score: Alec does Viviana's make up 

This was rehearsed about three times for time keeping purposes. This idea began with Alec simply doing my make up. Then he mentioned the sound that a tea kettle makes. I had one with a timer on it. This became an object for background noise, symbolic of morning ritual, and as a time keeping device.

 Alec went for a "colorful and sharp" make up look with the cosmetics. He had no make up experience prior to this.   

The purpose of this performance was to go over the morning ritual in a glamorized and person-centric way. I was the focus in this regard. The lighting was pointed in my direction and all action was centered around my presence. 

The most difficult thing for me was keeping such a stoic face. It took a great amount of effort for me not to laugh. Holding a neutral expression was key or the meaning of the performance would have changed. 

Alec wore a button up shirt which had a cleaner more professional look to it. I went for a black and white old glamour look. 

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